Calvary Baptist Church
Friday, June 09, 2023

50th Anniversary Celebration

Calvary Baptist Church celebrated 50 years of ministry in Santa Fe on Sunday December 15, 2002.   The celebration was held during the morning worship service and continued with a catered meal in the fellowship hall after the service.  Larry Haslam, president of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico and retired director of the LifeWay Glorieta Conference Center, was keynote speaker for the event which drew about 120 people. In attendance was Bernard Dougharty, who was called as the church's pastor in 1968.  He and his wife Margaret were presented a plaque of appreciation, as was the family of Paul Buddrius, pastor from 1992 until his death in 1999 at the age of 42, and Truett Black the current pastor's father who was called to lead the congregation in 1989.  Mike Boylan was also recognized with a plaque as being a charter member of the congregation. A proclamation from the mayor of the City of Santa Fe, Larry Delgado, was read in recognition of the church's service to the people of Santa Fe.  After the worship service, those in attendance were invited to gather for a group photograph taken outside in front of the church auditorium. A catered meal was enjoyed by all in the fellowship hall, as current members, long time friends, and former members fellowshipped together. Commemorative 50th anniversary cups were given to those in attendance. There are still some of these cups available and may be obtained by contacting the church office or by email to

Church History

In August 1952, a group of believers began meeting as Calvary Baptist Mission at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Thomen in Santa Fe.  On December 14, 1952 the mission was organized into Calvary Baptist Church with 25 members.  The congregation purchased a building at the corner of Llano and Cerrillos and signed a contract for a quarter block of land at the corner of Apache Avenue  and Rosina Street.  In 1960 construction began on the church building on Apache Avenue and the first services there were on held July 16, 1961.  Two additions to the building were completed between 1962 to 1965.  Remodeling of  interior front of the church sanctuary interior was conducted in 1999 and a major project on the interior of the children’s wing was completed in 2001. Calvary operated a pre-school/day care center in the children’s wing from 1997 to 2001.  Calvary Baptist Church has had 10 Pastors since 1952. 

Gaston Green* 1952
B. C. Neely* 1955
Elmer McGuffin 1959
John J. Cole 1960
Bernard Dougharty 1968
David Nowlin 1982
John Scholz 1985
Truett Black 1989
Paul Buddrius 1992 
 JimE Black 2000

 *Photographs of these Pastors are unavailable. Please contact us if you
have a photograph of any of the Pastors that you would like to share!


Churdh Directory

Here is a church directory from the 1968 to early 1970 era. Click to view but it may take awhile to download.
Please contact us if you know the year this directory was made.


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